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A 501(c)(3) organization serving local communities and youth cancer patients

The Geo Foundation raises funds to distribute grants to families with a child going through cancer and award promising future leaders through scholarship programs. We support families that are impacted by youth cancer in their day-to-day lives outside their necessary hospital and intensive care and foster compassionate communities by championing youth that are passionate about forging a better future for others around them. 


Growing Our Mission

Each year, 36,000 youth and young adults in the US are diagnosed with cancer. Our grassroots mission is woven within localities and among their residents to support impacted families and foster an engaged community.


Community Engagement and Advocacy

Family Support

Get Involved
Foster Hope and Help Families

Support Us

Support our programs and help bring awareness to our communities about the challenges cancer patients face, and bring direct support to those in need.


Reach out to us and tell us about yourself. Join us in organizing events or let us know about a positive experience you had through The Geo Foundation.

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