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Expanding a Bold Mission

Starting with Essex County, NJ our goal is to expand over time to impact more communities. In 2023 we launched our two programs in the towns of Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, and Montclair. In 2024, we're expanding to East Orange. We now offer our scholarships and family grants in all four cities with a goal to expand as much as our resources and community support allow us to. 

Essex County Map.jpg

Community Fund

The Geo Foundation actively seeks promising youth who show signs of intelligence and a passion for supporting their communities. Through the scholarships we award them, we are building a network of inspiring youth for a brighter future.


Family Assistance Fund

Although cancer patients get a lot of support when it comes to chemotherapy and other hospital care, their lives at home can often become increasingly stressful and challenging with a cancer diagnosis looming over them. The Geo Foundation provides funding for any expenses outside the hospital to help them manage their needs more effectively and bring about as much relief as possible. 

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