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George "Geo" Batikha

In Memory of

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From an early age, George always had an intense spirit. He was bold and stood up for himself. He challenged conventions, wouldn't accept circumstances at face value, and fought for his convictions. 

A tremendous and natural athlete, he eventually proved to become an all-star football player. in 2012, he received a scholarship to play DII football at American International University in Massachusetts. He was just getting started. He had big dreams, and everyone around him knew he had the potential to achieve them.

Unfortunately, unexpected tragedy came into his life. After suffering injuries from 2 severe car accidents in 2015 and 2016 that cut his football and college career short, he began stuggling with trauma and depression. Eventually, his health declined to the point where he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in 2017.

More than anything that surfaced during his greatest challenges was his love for helping people. He rarely lamented about his condition, and what could be viewed as a lost future. Undoubtedly, he suffered with the utmost grace, rarely bringing attention to himself despite the unimaginable pain he endured.

Far more than feeling badly about his situation, he’d often talk about how there is so much more suffering in the world. He would often talk about how there are many children in the same, or even worse situations as his.

While George had amazing hospital care during the 4 years he struggled with cancer, he struggled at home as he looked for ways to improve his physical and mental health. As time passed, he hated being constantly called to the hospital for transfusions, tests, and appointments in the seemingly endless series of a cancer patient's medical life. 

He desperately sought refuge, but struggled without the guidance he needed, as did his family who were often lost looking for answers.

George’s experience was nothing short of valiant. His story reminds us to never take life for granted, and inspires us to face the challenges of life head on, and to seek a better world for those to come. It's also a reminder that even with a loving family by their side, a cancer patient's struggle can be remarkably lonely. Fear is always at the back of their minds, if not front-and-center, and they are always doubtful and worried about the future. Their caretakers also become victims of uncertainty, painful anxiety, and loss.


This is why mental health, and professional guidance in all avenues of wellness can be life-changing support systems for cancer patients outside their care in the hospital. Similarly, they are essential support systems for their caretakers. 

In George's honor, we seek to bring awareness to our community about the struggles people with cancer face, and to provide direct support to those in need so they can secure the professional physical and mental health support they need outside of hospital care. 

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Reach out to us and get involved. Tell us who you are, share a story about someone impacted by Geo's story or that needs help, or join us and help organize an event.

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Your support will go towards either the Community Fund or Wellness Fund. You choose. Engage our community and bring awareness about those fighting cancer, or directly support those in need.

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